We have three peach trees on the property, and have started some what of a small orchard. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to keep it as we move forward with the construction, but I hope we can retain them all. Some of the trees are small enough that we could move them if machinery or other things need to get in the way. This year, we have an abundance of peaches. I've been using some organic herbicide to keep the little critters at bay. The other day I picked a whole bunch of peaches and they are delicious. We have another tree that was totally ransacked by birds. And a third tree whose peaches are still green. I love that we can grow our own food and look forward to future Gardens. I have a lot to learn about gardening. My last few gardens were complete failures because of the lack of running water after the fire, and the time to nurture them. So they became feeding grounds for the local woodchucks who absolutely loved my kale and cucumbers. So this year, rather than plant a garden that I don't have time to tend to, I've been shopping at farmers markets and foraging for wild foods on the property. I've got BlackBerries, milkweed pods and leaves, Plaintain, and even more edibles that I'm not venturing into.  there's an organic farmer that comes to the Voluntown farmers market, and I'm happy she's there and buy from her each week. I will only buy from the farmers that don't spray. They don't have to be certified because I know that that's expensive, but they have to be honest about their farming practices. Not everyone is. I'm happy to support the ones that are. I hope that this summer, you have access to delicious, fresh  food that you've either grown yourself or bought from a local farmer. 


Still Waters' 2017 peaches