Sweat Equity

Our time at Still Waters Pond isn't all pretty views, peaches and bullfrogs. It's hard work. It's work till you're bone-tired kind of work. I learned that way of working from my dear husband. I don't keep up with him though. The hazmat suits picture from 2010 shows just one little part of what we've been up to for the past seven years. Despite the fire of 2014. Despite other life issues. Much of our time, sweat, every penny we earn, and fierce determination -- this is how we will relaunch our dream retreat center and bed 'n breakfast later this year. Tao is the visionary dreamer and I am the practical realist. He imagines the future and declares it; I pull us into the present reality. He sculpts the landscape and restores the spaces; I manage the business side. Then we cross over and collaborate on both sides. We are a good team. Blessed to do this together. Grateful for the unique opportunity.