It was nearing dark, so I walked to the house with my headlamp on. The bonfire softly glowed behind me. "Honey, look!" Tao exclaimed, "they're going to go all the way around the deck." 

The exterior lights were on. Tao had turned on the interior lights too so the whole house was glowing with warm invitingness.  

"It's amazing," I replied. I stood there in awe of this common thing that so many people take for granted every day, that I took for granted.  

Since the fire in March 2014, every time we spend any time outside at night we have headlamps on. We don't get to turn on the exterior lights and have our path illuminated. Until now. What a gift.

Electricity is huge. Not everyone gets it. I'm grateful for this turning point.  


Still Waters main house. Work in progress. Sept 2017