Broccoli Swiss Shiitake Frittata

I am obsessed with frittatas. I love the baked goodness of eggs with cheese and vegetable ingredients. It is warming, comforting and satisfying as well as a great food to enjoy when breaking a fast. After about 17 hours of my typical daily fasting that included a one hour Boot Camp class, a few laps of swimming, and a hot tub as well as a walk to and from the gym, I was ready to break my fast with a delicious nutritious frittata.

I opened the fridge to see what was on hand. We almost always have local eggs, cheese, butter and veggies. So I know I can always make a frittata. I found some broccoli, chopped it up with some red onion and shiitake mushrooms, and sautéed it all in grass fed butter in a small cast-iron pan. Meanwhile the oven was preheating at 375°. Once the vegetables were soft, I poured in eggs scrambled with a little heavy cream and dried dill I bought at Atlantic Spice Company up on the Cape last week. I topped the whole thing with a few slices of torn up Swiss cheese, and popped it in the oven for 20 minutes. In order to get extra fat in my diet, I created a dipping sauce, a simple aioli, with a tablespoon of mayo, tablespoon of sour cream, dash of coconut vinegar, salt and more dill. Delicious!

-- Amy LaBossiere Managing Partner Still Waters Pond LLC 860-543-3244