Honoring the past with a nod to the future

Part of the reason why it’s taken us so long to open after the fire is that we have a vision for Still Waters that includes infusing everything with artwork, so that our guest experience is like being inside of a work of art.  This needs to be subtle because we want our guests to have a meditative and relaxing experience.

Tao makes a lot of the elements you’ll see on our property. He incorporates the wood from the former house in many elements. The wood is old—1700s and earlier old. It’s a blessing that we don’t have the budget to buy all the things so we choose to make them. Because as an artist, Tao handcrafts our outdoor dining tables, nightstands, bathroom vanities, even the bridges and so much more with his artist touch. We hope our guests will appreciate all the pieces he made, even if they don’t realize when they’re enjoying them that’s why they feel so special.


Handcrafted buffet table by fine artist Tao LaBossiere, made from pallet wood and floor boards from the 1730 house.