Noticing Transformation

Change takes time, but transformation can happen in an instant. In the moments where we hear and learn something from another human being about a different way to see things, our whole world can change. 

We see this happen in nature. Yesterday I was walking around the property. Suddenly, in a spot where there was nothing the other day, I saw tall asparagus that looked like it was growing forever. Guess what we’re having for dinner tonight?  

Much of this is in the noticing. Obviously that asparagus potential was already there. It’s been there since my father-in-law Paul planted it several years ago.   But I wasn’t looking. I wasn’t waiting for it. Then, in an instant, it was there. 

I think change is like that for us, too. All of a sudden we wake up a different person. Maybe we are happy and we haven’t been before. Maybe we feel more at peace in our own skin. It’s because of the work. The day to day practice of whatever we do to develop ourselves. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.  And then, we enjoy the harvest of our work. What a blessing.