Progress Progress Progress

March 30, 2017 marked three years since the fire in the main house. What an amazing three years it has been. We've learned so much about expecting the unexpected, working hard and never giving up. We've made great, albeit extremely slow, progress at Still Waters, with regard to the rebuild of the main house and preparations for our Company relaunch. We've been busy working on our other businesses, too, because those bills won't pay themselves! How grateful we are for the opportunities we create through Art of Tao LaBossiere LLC and Amy LaBossiere's marketing consulting and health coaching. We've been getting so many inquiries: Hey, when are you reopening? Everyone's been so supportive, encouraging and helpful. We are still not sure when our precise relaunch will happen, but we are shooting for later this fall. Life is what happens when we're busy making other plans. We shall keep you posted. Please keep us in your thoughts, and prayers if you practice.