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Still Waters Work Exchange Program  
For guests who want to get their hands dirty and work with us to support Still Waters as a ‘Mom & Pop’ Nature Retreat that is in need of constant daily manual labor, we offer a Work Exchange Program.   

A Day of Work for an Overnight Stay  
Instead of the midweek B&B rental fee of $70-$140 ($100 average) per night depending seasonal fluctuations, private or shared room availability, whether you choose from our rustic unplugged cottages or newly renovated B&B with new bedding and climate controlled accommodations, which includes our homestyle B&B breakfast.   

We will accept a Work Exchange as follows: The Work Exchange is an Agreement for each individual to perform five (5) hours of labor in trade for one overnight stay, that includes our B&B Breakfast. Those interested in staying for multiple consecutive days and wish to earn lunch and dinner and snacks agree to perform a minimum of seven (7) hours work.    The Work Exchange Program is typically available for a midweek overnight stay only, as most of our weekends are reserved for group retreats and weddings, and are likely to be private affairs that are not necessarily appropriate for unrelated non-participants. We would determine the Work Exchange on a day-by-day basis as appropriately needed.  Value of Trade is equivalent to the seasonal amount of the lodging plus food, and well above the current CT minimum wage rate, the Work Exchange Rate is approximately $20 per hour (we value our volunteers!) redeemable only in trade.  

What kind of Work will you do?  
List of work examples you may choose from include: 
•    Landscaping assistance      
•    Hauling brush, clearing land
•    Digging and planting     
•    Carpentry project assistance
      (helping Tao build wood tables, sheds,
      platforms for yurts, treehouses)    
•    Painting and staining (bring paint clothes)     
•    Housekeeping assistant (beds, laundry, cleaning, etc.)   
•    Kitchen assistance (prep & cleaning)     
•    Garbage collection and removal    
•    Running errands     
•    Greenhouse development & assistance     
•    Composting assistance    
•    Lawn maintenance assistance     
•    Moving items around     
•    Anything Tao & Amy need help with

The Work Exchange Program is decided on a day-to-day basis, and limited to our work priorities. We will select folks based on who we feel is an appropriate match for the Work. We give preference to folks who are willing to help us with an honest day’s work that ends around the dinner table and campfire (weather permitting).  We are grateful for this fantastic opportunity to be stewards of the land at Still Waters Pond.

Sorry, no children or pets allowed on Symbiosis retreats. We also have a no drugs or alcohol policy. 

Our mission is to encourage people to unplug from technology and reconnect with Nature and each other. We hope this helps make the world a better place, one day at a time. We hope you can see why we are filled with gratitude to all folks who wish get their hands dirty and help us out!

When guests participate in Symbiosis, we invite them to join our family meals. We eat mostly organic, non-GMO family style dinners with vegan/vegetarian options and provide light fare for breakfast, lunch and snacks, if desired. If you would like to help offset these food costs and help our mission, please donate below. Any amount is received in gratitude and service. Thank you.

Donate to Symbiosis to Offset Food Costs