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Still Waters is absolutely magical. Tao & Amy are both rays of sunshine that wlecome you with open arms. Everything from the physical land, the food, the accomoations to the smallest touches, you will find it extremely difficult not to fall in love with the entire experience.
— Zoé S.
Everything was wonderful! I don’t want to go home! Or leave! The atmostphere and “vibe” are calming. And I love BeeBe and Maggie!
— Michele R.
A Gift. A gem in the woods of CT by the Still Waters, both for a solo retreat and a gropu workshop and ceremony or celebration.
— Cindy S.
A wonderful retreat!
— Rita L.
Your loving kindness to go above and beyond in taking care of us from element-oriented food (rainbow quinoa) to providing fresh ginger/cayenne pepper, etcetera. Working with you both to faciliated a healing Five Elements Harmony Yoga Retreat has been effortless, stress-free, fun, creative and fantastic! Harmony Yoga Studio will surely be back at Still Waters Retreat Center. Leaving here with Still Waters inside.
— Carol S, Studio owner
A wonderful place to relax your mind and enhance your spirit !!!!
— Anne-Marie B.
I liked the ambiance of the entire space: everything was so beautiful and thoughtfully done.
— Merryl H.
Still Waters is the perfect environment for a retreat. The atmosphere, art, poperty andfood are a perfect healing setting. Tao and Amy are so welcoming, creative and kind. Go here, you will be so glad you did.
— Sue G.
The perfect place for a retreat of any kind- you are welcomed by love- the beauty of nature and professional yet very warm personable hosts Amy and Tao who make you feel like this place is your own. Maggie and BeeBe (the family dogs) add to the joy of being there! We will be back!
— Jodie K.
I loved everything! Tao & Amy are amazing hosts. The house is beautiful and each meal was more amazing than the last. They are truly wonderful, talented couple. I can’t wait to return in the future.
— Vita N.
Still Waters hosted our Chakra Yoga Retreat weekend. We were surrounded by nature, art and each of the elements we were empowering within ourselves. Amy & Tao nutured our souls and our appetites with delicious, scrumptious meals, fires, warm conversation. They were an integral part of the entire weekend. I am forever grateful for the heart and love they bestowed upon us.
— Terri S.
Tao and Amy have created beauty, peace, and comfort in this nature wonderland... A retreat locale at its finest!!
— Chrissy F.